Grand Master Gregory Glover Conyers Georgia

August 13, 2011

Article previously published in the Summer 2010 issue of World Martial Arts Magazine.

Taekwondo schools Conyers

Grand Master Gregory Glover of Conyers, Georgia on the cover of World Martial Arts Magazine

  • Universal School of Arts, LLC (501 c-3) Non-profit organization
  • 1456 Old Salem Road Conyers, Georgia 30013
  • Call 770-679-4161 today

Grand Master Gregory Glover: Preserving the Traditions of Taekwondo in Conyers, Georgia.

Grand Master Glover is one of the true pioneers of Taekwondo in America. He makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia where he runs the day-to-day operations of the US National Taekwondo Association’s National Training Center. You will find Grand Master Glover on the mat teaching the same traditional techniques that were handed down to him by his masters in Asia. Grand Master Glover is one of the few American Grand Masters to have personally lived the evolution of modern Taekwondo. He started in the 1960’s learning the traditional kwan styles of Taekwondo and then followed Taekwondo as it evolved into a modern Olympic Sport.


Grandmaster Glover received his training and status of First Degree Black Belt in Thailand while serving in the U.S. Air Force in 1971. With over 46 years of martial arts experience under his  belt, Grm. Glover enjoys teaching all age groups. In April of 2005 Grm. Glover completed 20 yrs. of teaching Self-defense, Karate 1 & 2 courses and the coaching of John Jay’s college taekwondo team at John Jay College of Criminal of Justice in Manhattan, NY. Grm. Glover is now focusing his expertise in the national expansion of his Martial Arts Family as well as the development of the U.S. National Taekwondo Association.

Objective: To consistently develop my attitude toward becoming a better person/martial artist.

I work daily to also develop a national organization which will influence others to learn and grow within  traditional Martial Arts, by instilling good basics for life. These basics will encourage respect,  sportsmanship, pride, teamwork, harmony and the inner strength to say No.

Education:    A.A.S. (Associate in Applied Science)
Staten Island Community College/Jan. 31, 1978
115 credits completed toward B.A. (College of S. I.)
Graduate of the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association Masters Course

Martial Arts  Apr. 2005 Executive Board Mem./Korean Martial Arts Instructor Assoc. (KMAIA)
Experience:   Jan. 2003 Executive Director/U.S. National Taekwondo Assoc. (USNTA)
Aug. 2003 Board Member Ivey Northeast Collegiate Taekwondo League (INCTL)
Aug. 2000 Maccabi Games (Jewish Junior Olympics)
Director, Karate & Tae Kwon Do Champ.
Coach of Staten Island, JCC Karate/Taekwondo Team
Jan. 2000 Annual Big Apple TKD Gold Medal Classic (Tournament Director)
Nov. 1999 NYS Governor’s Cup TKD Championship (Tournament Director)
Dec. 1998 to Dec. 2000 Public Relations Chairman (NY State Tkd Association)
Oct. 1997 Co-Chairman, Referee Committee (INCTA)
May 1997 National Board of Directors (KMAIA)
Nov.1996 Instructor/Coach (S.I. Olympian Taekwondo Team)
Apr. 1995 Vice-Chairman, NYS Tournament Committee
Aug. 1993 Co-Director, N. E. Military Taekwondo Championship
Apr. 1990 Tournament Chairman, 16th NYS Taekwondo Championship
Aug. 1990 Tournament Director, Pro-Specs Taekwondo Championship
Apr. 1989 New York State Taekwondo Gold Medalist

Civilian     Sept. 2008-Present, Owner/US Academy of Martial Arts LLC
Experience:  Sept. 2001-Present, Director/PS-18 Martial Arts Program
Jan. 2000-Present, Owner/Big Apple Taekwondo Center, NY
Nov. 1996-Jan. 2000, Instr. & Owner/S.I. Olympian Taekwondo Inc.
Apr. 1991-1996, Instr. & Owner/Community Taekwondo of America Inc.
Sept. 1989-1999, Instructor/JCC of Staten Island
Sept. 1985-Apr. 2005/Adjunct Lecturer, Instructor, Team Coach,
Faculty Advisor
(John Jay College of Criminal Justice/NYC)
Aug. 1982-1991 Instructor, New York Institute of Martial Arts
Oct. 1980-1982 Instructor & Owner, Richmond Martial Arts
Sept. 1980-1983 Instructor, Wagner College Taekwondo Club
Sept. 1979-1982 Instructor, St. Johns U. Taekwondo Club (S.I. Campus)
Oct. 1978-1980 Instructor, Staten Island Community Corporation
Sept. 1974-1978 Instructor & Partner, A & G Taekwondo Club Inc.
Sept. 1971-1974 Instructor, United Order of the Elks (Children Tkd Program)

Martial Arts  Korea TaeKwonDo Association (KTA)
Affiliations: Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association (KMAIA)
Korea Jung Do Kwan Association
Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan
Korean Hapkido Federation (KHF)
Korean Yudo Federation (KYF)
U.S. National Taekwondo Association (USNTA)
World HanMooKwan Hapkido Association
International Chung Tong Yudo Association
USA Taekwondo Association
World TaeKwonDo Federation (WTF)

Community and
Martial Arts Awards:
1963 Eagle Scout Award
1963 Amos Alonzo Stagg Award
1992 City Council Citation
1997 Hall of Fame (World Martial Arts)
1997, 2008 Hall of Fame (International Martial Arts)
World Head of Family Sokeship Council
1999 Jung Do Kwon TKD Citation
2004, 2006 Hall of Fame (Martial Arts World)
2006 Certificate of Outstanding Leadership
2008 Hall of Fame (Battle of Florida)
2009 Hall of Honors (Action Martial Arts)

Military Experience:
12/1967 – 1971 U.S. Air Force
8/1971 Honorable Discharge

You can reach Grand Master Gregory Glove by e-mail at or call his school in Conyers, Georgia at 770-679-4161. Visit his school at:

1456 Old Salem Road Conyers, Georgia 30013